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Under the Overpass; Communication Skatedown!

8 Sep , 2011,

Celebrate Jackson Street Youth Shelter’s 10th Year Anniversary!

3:30 pm Communication Skatedown Competition – Tommy McGuigan 2nd Annual Memorial Competition – Cash Prizes! $3 Entry fee.  All skaters under 16 must wear a helmet.  All skaters must sign a waiver and parental authorization if under 18.  Brought to you by the Benton County Skateboarding Alliance!

4:30 pm Graffiti Art Competition – Cash Prizes!  $3 Entry Fee.  Live Art –  there will be a temporary  wall and paint (free of charge) for all to participate. Brought to you by the Corvallis Graffiti Collective!

5:30 pm Community Awards and Appreciation: Announcement of winners for skateboard and graffiti competitions. Thanks to founders who started the grassroots efforts 10-years ago to create a local youth shelter for teens in crisis. Thanks to long-time supporters. And thanks to the youth who have achieved so much for themselves. Brought to you by the Jackson Street Youth Shelter!

6:30 pm Rock Music – Stairway Denied Corvallis’ own Led Zeppelin Tribute Band reunites for a good cause!

Cupcakes – Juice Bar and more.  This is a FREE ALL AGES  EVENT!

Donations to Jackson Street Youth Shelter Inc., Corvallis Graffiti Collective and the Benton County Skateboarding Alliance Inc. are welcome.


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