Benton County Skateboarding Alliance

We the people of the Benton County Skateboarding Alliance (BCSA) hereby create this non-profit organization in order to enrich the Benton County skateboarding community. Our primary purpose is to partner with all levels of the community and governmental agencies to provide safe, clean and respectful environments for skateboarding. Thus we will enable residents of all ages to advance their personal abilities in skateboarding while encouraging individual responsibility within the community. The BCSA is committed to the development of skateboarding facilities where members of the skateboarding community and the general public feel safe and welcome.




We at  Benton County Skateboarding Alliance are here today to ask for your help in modernizing and improving the Eric Scott McKinley Skatepark in Corvallis.

The existing Eric Scott McKinley Skatepark in Corvallis was built in 1998 early in the generation skatepark revolution.

Benton County Skateboarding Alliance has recognized an opportunity to build a premier skatepark destination as seen in other towns in Oregon, such as Aumsville, Harrisburg, and Lincoln City.

The Benton County Skateboarding Alliance has worked with Dreamland Skateparks to design new portions and renovate existing sections of the Eric Scott Mckinley Skatepark.

Upgrading and renovating the Eric Scott McKinley Skatepark will have an array of positive effects on our community.

Please donate now. Every bit helps!


Corvallis Skateboard School

Corvallis Skateboard School

Private/Group skateboard instruction for people of all ages, who want to learn the basics, and how to be safe. Instructors with 20 + years of skating experience. Location varies, see calendar here.

To attend one or more of our events please make sure you follow the instructions below:

  • To fill out our registration form please go to the calendar above and select the even you’d like to register for.
  • Make sure we already have your liability waiver or bring it with you.

All donations go straight towards the upcoming Skate Park Renovation. Please bring donations, cash or check, to BCSA representative. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Contact Corvallis Skateboard School


Phone: 805.444.2008